Čerňanský A., Tóth Cs. & Šurka J., 2012: Crocodylian and turtle finds from the Lower Miocene of the Baňa Dolina mine in Veľký Krtíš (Slovakia). Acta Geologica Slovaca, 4, 2, 113–123. (in Slovak with English summary)

Nálezy krokodíla a korytnačiek zo spodného miocénu lokality Baňa Dolina vo Veľkom Krtíši (Slovensko)

Crocodylian and turtle finds from the Lower Miocene of the Baňa Dolina mine in Veľký Krtíš (Slovakia)

Andrej Čerňanský1,2, Csaba Tóth3 & Juraj Šurka2

1Senckenberg Research Institute and Natural History Museum Frankfurt, Palaeoanthropology and Messel Research, Senckenberganlage 25, 60325 Frankfurt am Main, Germany; cernansky.paleontology@gmail.com
2Geologický ústav, Slovenská akadémia vied, Ďumbierska 1, 974 01 Banská Bystrica, Slovensko
3Stredoslovenské múzeum Banská Bystrica, Nám. SNP 4, 975 90 Banská Bystrica, Slovensko


Fossil reptile remains are described from the early Miocene deposits of the active mine Baňa Dolina in Veľký Krtíš (southern part of central Slovakia). The fossils come from lignite layers dated to the Late Ottnangian. The sediments indicate a terrestrial, fluvial and swampy environment. The material is fragmented, and mostly disarticulated. It consists of several isolated teeth and osteoderms belonging to crocodylians. These fragmentary fossils document the presence of the group in Slovakia during the early Miocene. The finds exhibit some general similarities with, for instance, the taxon Diplocynodon. However, lack of diagnostic features makes precise identification of such limited material impossible. The rest of the material consists of turtle shell fragments. The turtle material is represented by two families – Testudinidae and ?Trionychidae – and represent the oldest occurrence of turtles in Slovakia. The material of Testudinidae includes a partially preserved print of the external surface of the carapace and a fragmentary nuchal. The cervical scute is absent on the external surfaces of the nuchal and the anterior notch is wide but only very shallow. The features indicate that this tortoise may be closely related to the taxon Testudo (or Palaeotestudo) burgenlandica.

Key words: Crocodilia, Testudinidae, Trionychidae, Ottnangian, Paratethys, Slovakia

Manuscript received: 2012-06-17

Revised version accepted: 2012-10-27

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