Fendeková M., Fendek M., Porubská D., Hanel M., Horáček S., Martínková M. & Vizina A., 2015: Parameters conditioning drought occurrence in selected catchments in Slovakia and Czechia. Acta Geologica Slovaca, 7, 2, 187–194.

Parameters conditioning drought occurrence in selected catchments in Slovakia and Czechia

Parametre podmieňujúce výskyt sucha vo vybraných slovenských a českých povodiach

Miriam Fendeková1, Marián Fendek1, Diana Porubská1, Martin Hanel2, Stanislav Horáček2, Marta Martínková2 & Adam Vizina2

1Katedra hydrogeológie, Prírodovedecká fakulta, Univerzita Komenského v Bratislave, Mlynská dolina G, 842 15 Bratislava; fendekova@fns.uniba.sk
2Výzkumný ústav vodohospodářský T. G. Masaryka, Podbabská 30, Praha 6, 160 00 Česká Republika


Drought is one of extreme events in catchments which become more and more often the cause of large economical losses. The aim of the presented study has been to analyze and compare drought occurrence development and duration in six small to middle sized catchments in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Average daily discharges of the Rakovnický potok and Ľupčianka brooks, and the Metuje, Teplá, Žitava, and Belá rivers were used as basic input data. The threshold level method and the sequent peak algorithm were used for calculation of drought duration in discharge and base flow time series. The results showed similarities in the base flow formation and specific base flow values in the catchments of Rakovnický potok and Žitava River. Two Slovak mountainous catchments Belá and Ľupčianka differ very much from the others. Drought occurrence was very variable in all catchments; depending on the location and altitude. The obtained results confirmed the hypothesis on drought propagation from the west to the east. The total number of droughts longer than 50 days was higher in Slovakia than in Czechia.

Key words: Western Carpathians, Bohemian Massif, geological conditions, climatic conditions, groundwater runoff, drought analysis

Manuscript received: 2014-06-26

Revised version accepted: 2015-08-02

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