Tatiana Durmeková

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Frankovská J., Durmeková T., Kuvik M. & Dananaj I., 2023: Engineering geological and geotechnical study of potencial host rock environments for radioactive waste disposal in Slovakia. Acta Geologica Slovaca, 15, 1, 47-57.

Durmeková T., Adamcová R., Maľa M. & Grand P., 2021: Efficiency of protective coating applied on a highly porous decorative tuff. Acta Geologica Slovaca, 13, 1, 85-94.

Durmeková T., Grega D. & Tornyai R., 2019: A high potential of the micro-Deval test in rock quality assessment. Acta Geologica Slovaca, 11, 1, 1-9.

Durmeková T., Ružička P. & Mudrochová B., 2017: Laboratory study of changes in Paleogene sandstones from Slovakia exposed to high temperatures. Acta Geologica Slovaca, 9, 1, 63-73.

Durmeková T., Frankovská J. & Kopecký M., 2014: Correlation between point load index and uniaxial compressive strength for soft and weak rocks. Acta Geologica Slovaca, 6, 1, 61-69.

Kralovičová L., Šimková I., Vlčko J., Durmeková T., Brček M. & Boháč V., 2014: The water content monitoring of rock mass’ dwellings in Brhlovce village based on thermophysical parameters measuring. Acta Geologica Slovaca, 6, 1, 41-50.

Ružička P., Durmeková T., Hain M., Čaplovičová M., Bágeľ Ľ., Bačík P. & Putiš M., 2012: Sodium sulphate crystallization influence on intergranular destruction of Thassos marble. Acta Geologica Slovaca, 4, 2, 155-169.

Kompaníková Z., Durmeková T., Vlčko J., Brček M. & Gómez-Heras M., 2011: Monitoring of travertine changes resulting from thermal load. Acta Geologica Slovaca, 3, 1, 83-94.

Adamcová R., Miškolczi J., Durmeková T., Bednárik M., Wimmer-Frey I. & Valter M., 2010: Usability analysis of bottom sediments from the Slnečné jazerá Lakes in Senec. Acta Geologica Slovaca, 2, 2, 85-94.

Šimková I. & Durmeková T., 2010: Natural and agglomerated stone durability assessment according to technical standards. Acta Geologica Slovaca, 2, 1, 77-85.

Adamcová R., Frankovská J. & Durmeková T., 2009: Engineering geological clay research for a radioactive waste repository in Slovakia. Acta Geologica Slovaca, 1, 2, 71-82.

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