The research activities of the department focuses on the sedimentological, stratigraphic, paleontological and tectonic research of the Western Carpathians.
In practice, tackling issues geological structure of the selected area of Slovak Republic, sedimentology, stratigraphy and structural geology especially for geohazards, searching for oil and gas.

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  • Paleobiology
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History of the Department

History of the Department of geology and paleontology are linked to the development of modern geology in Slovakia. Institute of Geology was established at the Faculty of Science of the Slovak University in 1940. In the school year 1940/1941 was transformed into two sections, which constitute the Geological and Paleontological Institute (the head was prof. RNDr. Dimitrij Andrusov) and mineralogical and petrographic Institute (preferably prof. RNDr . R. Lukac). Prof. Andrusov, who in 1938 left after the liquidation of Czech universities in Prague, was the first professor of geology in Slovakia. Dr. Lukac was originally administrator State Mining Museum in Banská Štiavnica. Both institutes in this period developed as a joint workplace with the same name institutions to the Slovak Technical University, lived Vazovova street. Due to the minimum staffing and technical equipment to ensure their operation was such a necessary symbiosis.

After World War II, the Geological and Paleontological Institute is engaged in high tempo. In 1949 he started at the initiative of the Faculty of Science prof. Andrusova specialized training geologists. Until then, geology or an independent field of study, address it to graduate teachers combinations to the completion of eight semesters.

After the adoption of the new Higher Education Act 1950, the faculty institutes transformed into a department created as well as the Department of Geology, whose head was prof. D. Andrusov. In 1951, the Department divided the Department of Geology and Palaeontology and Geology Department of Mineralogy and Petrology. Department sought to educate specialists for basic research. In the years 1940 - 1952 graduated geology altogether 21 graduates.

In 1952 the Faculty of geological and geographical sciences UK, which necessitated a change in the composition of departments (Department of minerals have been added and Engineering Geology). At that time had Department of geology and paleontology one professor (Dr.. D. Andrusov), two assistant professors (Mgr. J. Švagrovský, Mgr. H. Bystrická), one internal aspirant (Mgr. A. Gorek) and four assistants (Dr. . M. Mišík, Mgr. J. Gašparik, Ing. V. Gašpariková, Ing. I. Vaškovský). Gradually, the state department complement and changed. Stabilizes after 1956, when she was a professor (D. Andrusov), two associate professors (J. Švagrovský, A. Gorek), three assistant professors (M. Mišík, H. Bystrická, A. Schaleková) and three assistants (V. sitar, J. Zelman, D. Hovorka). In 1959 he became head of the department doc. Mgr. A. Gorek, PhD.

In 1962 he created a separate Department of paleontology and prior to it passed prof. Mgr. J. Švagrovský, PhD. (Head of Department), Ing. V. Sitar (Department Manager), Ing. H. Bystrická, Ing. V. Scheibnerová, Ing. M. Nemčáková, Ing. M. Magyar. At the Department of Geology remained prof. D. Andrus doc. Mgr. A. Gorek, PhD. (Head of Department), doc. Mgr. M. Mišík, PhD., Ing. A. Schaleková, Ing. J. Zelman, Ing. E. Scheibner, Ing. WITH. Kahan (Department Manager). In 1970 there was a re-merger of these departments under the name of Department of Geology and Paleontology. In January 1986, this department was renamed the Department of basic geology and paleontology 1 October 1990 and again at the Department of Geology and Paleontology. During this period, the baseline geology teaching in the joint study program with economic geology. Between 1952-1990 he graduated at the department of geology graduates 228 full time and 16 part-time students, another 20 teachers attended the study of geology in combination with the chemistry or mathematics. The activity of several Department staff was highly appreciated, prof. Andrusov was the bearer of a number of high state awards, prof. M. Mišík several years lectured at universities in Algeria and Cuba. Other employees participated Expertise stays and expeditions in Chile, Ethiopia and Nepal.

In the 90s outgoing workers at retirement age gradually replaced the teaching and research positions coming generation of assistant professors, associate professors and professors (prof. M. Kovac, prof. D. Plašienka, prof. P. Holec, dr. E. Halásová, prof . D. Reháková, doc. M. Sykora, doc. F. Marko, doc. J. Hók, doc. D. Pivko, dr. Mirjana Kovac, dr. N. Hudáčková, doc. M. Sabol, dr. R . Vojtko, dr. Schlögl J., dr. P. Joniak, dr. L.. Sliva). In the years 1990-1994 he chaired the Department charismatic doc. R. Mock. Later the vacant post of head of the department joined dr. M. Kovac.

Research activities of the department since its creation in focusing on regional geological research of the Western Carpathians and the Pannonian basin. High professional level achieved primarily stratigraphy and sedimentology oriented formations of Mesozoic, Paleogene and Neogene, which are the foundation of the department in the long term its strongest point. In practice, tackling issues geological structure selected areas in Slovakia, sedimentology, stratigraphy and structural geology especially for geohazards, searching for oil and gas. Workplace also working with other departments and geological institutions.

Heads of department of geology and paleontology have been successively: prof. Mgr. Dimitrij Andrusov (1952-1959), prof. Mgr. Augustine Gorek, PhD. (1959-1966), prof. Mgr. Milan Mišík, PhD. (1966-1970), prof. Mgr. Augustine Gorek, PhD. (1970-1986), doc. Mgr. Peter Reichwalder, PhD. (1986-1990), doc. Mgr. Rudolf Mock, PhD. (1990-1994), prof. Mgr. Michal Kovac, PhD. (1994-2003), prof. Mgr. Dušan Plašienka, PhD. (2003 - 2011), prof. Mgr. Daniela Reháková, PhD. (2011 - present).

Source: Corks, M. et al., 1992 Fifty years of Comenius University. Comenius University, Bratislava, p. 213-220