Mgr. Michal Šujan, PhD.



Department of Geology and Paleontology
Faculty of Natural Sciences
Comenius University in Bratislava
Mlynská Valley, Ilkovičova 6
SK-842 15
Phone: +421 (02) 60296 156
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since 2016
researcher, Depratment of Geology and Paleontology, Comenius University in Bratislava

2012 - 2016 PhD. degree in Sedimentology (supervisor - Prof. Michal Kováč, Comenius University in Bratislava)

2010 - 2012 Master degree in General Geology and Tectonics (Comenius University in Bratislava)
(Supervisor - Assoc. Prof. Jozef Hók, Comenius University in Bratislava)

2007 - 2010 Bachelor degree in General Geology and Tectonics
(Comenius University in Bratislava)
(Supervisor - Assoc. Prof. Jozef Hók, Comenius University in Bratislava)


2016 - The Dean Prize for exceptional scientific result of a PhD. student
2016 - The best student oral presentation award on the conference CETeG front Hora
2014 - The best student oral presentation award on the conference ESSEWECA Smolenice
2012 - The Rector Prize for exceptional Master thesis
2012 - The Academic Excellence Award of the Rector for achievements during the Master study



1st -31th June 2013; 1st - 28th February 2015; 1st - 30th April 2015; 1st May - 15th June 2016
Location: Laboratoire National des Nucléides Cosmogéniques, CEREGE, Aix-en-Provence, France
Supervisor: Dr. Régis Braucher
Research topic: Sampling strategy for Nuclide cosmogenic dating methods
                         and basic principles of the methods
                         Chemical threatment of samples for authigenic 10Be/9 Be dating
                         Chemical threatment of samples for in situ 10Be, 26Al and 36C

Research Focus:

- sedimentology, depositional processes, facies analysis
- geochronology, cosmogenic nuclides dating methods
- basin research, with main focus on the Pannonian Basin System
- Pliocene to Quaternary depositional evolution of river systems of the Western Carpathians


Exogenic geological processes - 2nd year of Bachelor degree (PriF.KGP / N bGXX-062/15)

Sedimentology - 3rd year of Bachelor degree (PriF.KGP / N bGZL-064/15)

Dating of geological processes - 2nd year of Master degree (PriF.KGP / N MGPA-111/15)

Published papers:



Šujan, M., Kováč, M., Hók, J., Šujan, M., Braucher, R., Rybár, S., de Leeuw, A. 2017: Late Miocene fluvial distributary system in the northern Danube Basin (Pannonian Basin System) depositional processes, stratigraphic architecture and controlling factors of the Member Piestany (Volkovce Formation). Geological Quarterly, 61, 3, 521-548.

Ruman, A., Rybár, S., Hudáčková, N., Šujan, M., Halásová, E. 2017: Depositional environment changes during the early-late Serravallian boundary dated by the Central Paratethys bioevents. Facies, 63, 2, 9-22.

Kováč, M., Rybár, S., Halásová, E., Hudáčková, N., Šarinová, K., Šujan, M., Baranyi, V., Kováčová, M., Ruman, A., Klučiar, T., Zlinská, A. in press: Changes in Cenozoic depositional environment and sediment provenance in the Danube Basin. Basin Research, DOI: 10.1111/bre.12244

Burian, L., Šujan, M., Stankoviansky, M., Šilhavý, J., Okai, A. 2017: Dependence of Gully Networks on Faults and Lineaments Networks, Case Study from Hronska Pahorkatina Hill Land. Open Geosciences, 9, 1, 101-113.

Joniak, P., Hír, J., Šujan, M., Mészáros, L. 2017: Small mammals from Vértesacsa as a contribution to chronology of the late Miocene Zagyva Formation (W Hungary). Acta Geologica Slovaca, 9, 1, 15-24.



Šujan, M., Braucher, R., Kováč, M., Bourlès, D., Rybár, S., Guillou, G., Hudáčková, N. 2016: Application of the authigenic 10Be/9Be dating method to late Miocene- Pliocene sequences in the northern Danube Basin (Pannonian Basin System): Confirmation of heterochronous evolution of sedimentary environments. Global and Planetary Change, 137, 35-53.

Sztanó, A., Kováč, M., Magyar, I., Šujan, M. , Fodor, L., Uhrin, A., Rybár, S., Csillag, G., Tőkés, L. 2016: Late Miocene sedimentary record of the Danube / Kisalföld Basin interregional correlation of depositional systems, stratigraphy and structural evolution, Geologica Carpathica, 67, 6, 525-542.

Rybár, S., Kováč, M., Šarinová, M., Halásová, E., Hudáčková, N., Šujan, M., Kováčová, M., Ruman, A., Klučiar, T. 2016: changes in Neogene paleogeography, paleoenvironment and the provenance of sediment in the norther Danube Basin. Bulletin of Geosciences, 91, 2, 367-398.

Klučiar, T., Kováč, M., Vojtko, R., Rybár, S., Šujan, M., Králiková, S. 2016: The Hurbanovo-Diosjeno Fault: A crustal-scale weakness zone at the boundary between the Central Western Carpathians and Northern Pannonian Domain. Acta Geologica Slovaca, 8, 1, 59-70.

Šujan, M., Slavik, I., Galliková, Z., Dovičin, P., Šujan, M. 2016: Pre-Quaternary basement of Bratislava (part 1): genetic vs. geotechnical characteristics of the Neogene foundation soils. Acta Geologica Slovaca, 8, 1, 71-86.



Rybár, S., Halásová, E., Hlavatá Hudáčková, N., Kováč, M., Šarinová, K., Šujan, M. 2015: Biostratigraphy, sedimentology and paleoenvironments of the northern Danube Basin Ratkovce-1 well case study. Geologica Carpathica, 66, 1, 51-67.

Šujan, M. 2015: Methodics of morphostratigraphic division of river terraces in Slovakia: The polemics on the use of Alpine glacial division. Mineralia Slovaca, 47, 1, Geovestník, 17-19. (in Slovak with English summary)

Methodology morfostratigrafického division of river terraces in Slovakia: the controversy on the use of alpine glacial division



Šujan, M., Rybár, S. 2014: The development of Pleistocene river terraces in the eastern part of the Danube Basin. Acta Geologica Slovaca, 6, 2, 107-122. (in Slovak with English summary)

Šujan, M., Holec, J. 2014: Cosmogenic Nuclide Dating: Methods, Applications and Perspectives for Utilization in Geomorphological and Geological Research in the Western Carpathians and the Pannonian region. Geographia Cassoviensis, 8, 1, 79-95. (in Slovak with English summary)



Šujan, M. 2011: Morphology of the Quaternary / Neogene boundary in the area of Bratislava. Acta Geologica Slovaca, 3, 2, 131-141. (in Slovak with English summary)


Projects in progress:

2016-2020: APVV-2016-0121 Geodynamics of the Alpine-Carpathian junction area constrained
by dating of the Cenozoic evolutionary phases in the Vienna and Danube basins
(principal investigator Prof. Michal Kováč)

2015-2019: APVV-14-0118 Regional stratotypes for genetic, earthtime and paleoenvironmental
properties of the Western Carpathian sedimentary basins
(principal investigator Assoc. Prof. Ján Soták)

2016-2017: APVV SK-FR-2015-0017 Evolution and chronology of the Danube Lowland
during the Pliocene and Quaternary: application of cosmogenic nuclides
(principal investigator Prof. Michal Kováč)

Finished participation on projects:

2015-2016: APVV SK-HU-2013-0020 Danube Basin - correlation and development
of sedimentary facies and paleoenvironments during the late Neogene
(principal investigator Prof. Michal Kováč)

2012-2016: APVV-0099-11 Development of the Danube basin depositional systems
(principal investigator Prof. Michal Kováč)

2012-2016: APVV-0625-11 A new Synthesis of relief of the Western Carpathian
landform evolution - preparation of the database for testing the key hypotheses
(principal investigator Prof. Jozef Minár)

2016-2019: VEGA 1/0602/16 Dating of main stages of the Western Carpathians
land surface evolution
(principal investigator Prof. Jozef Minár)

2013-2017: APVV-0315-12 TRACKTEC
(principal investigator Assoc. Rastislav Vojtko)


Gained student projects:

2015 Comenius University PhD. student project UK/451/2015

2014 Comenius University PhD. student project UK/455/2015